Research from a
human perspective.

Moving organisations and their people forward.

Here at 4BM we run employee and volunteer research to help leaders understand what’s really going on in their organisation.

Our programmes delve deep into employee experience, by combining our research expertise with empathy and understanding.

We call it research from a human perspective.


Listening for positive impact.

Employee experience research.

For organisations with
20 to ~250 employees

Many things have changed in the last few years, with large-scale disruption for both organisations and individuals.

We ask the right questions to understand your people’s experiences and perspectives for one key purpose – to inform your next moves.

Going far beyond employee engagement, our research aims to empower organisations to co-create success alongside their people.

Volunteer experience research.

For organisations with
20 to ~250 volunteers

Volunteers power the charity sector. With the right volunteers, you gain expertise, capacity, energy, and time to achieve your purpose.

What is it about some organisations that never fail to attract people to volunteer for them?

Our research unpicks the motivations and needs of volunteers, providing organisations with the knowledge they need to amplify the impact their volunteers create.

Consultancy and support.

Not everyone needs end-to-end research. We provide consulting, workshops and support on a range of people and research-related topics.

  • Research design
  • Data interpretation
  • Analysis and reporting of existing data
  • Listening strategy design
  • Ask us if you think we can help!

Why work with 4BM?

When designing what’s needed for the future, you need to know what’s going on today.

This knowledge forms the foundation for progressive, successful change.

We have the time, skill, and research understanding to accurately and comprehensively gather this knowledge, while navigating the politics and emotions at play within every organisation.

Founder: Jessica Wiegand
How 4BM came to be
“That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it, everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, lived out their lives.”


Carl Sagan